"I could not have been happier with Lisa both as a person and as a photographer. My new husband and I chose her off of my mom's recommendation and she was smart, personable, and so so easy to work with. From the first meeting, I knew that she was an excellent fit for us--she worked to get to know us, who we are, and what kind of documentation we wanted for the event. She did not try and push her style or agenda on us but merely asked how we saw the photographs integrating into the event. I cannot tell you how refreshing that is! She allowed us to drive the artistic presence--because that is what she is--an artist. Not only that, but her warmth allowed us to feel very comfortable and natural from conversation to the actual event. After the initial meeting, Lisa made herself available to work with us in whatever way she could. She wanted to make sure that we felt really confident and comfortable with not only the photos but everything that went along with it. She was communicative and responsive whenever we had questions or if we needed to update our scheduled plans for the day. Finally, the BEST part...the actual wedding! Lisa was PERFECT! She was kind, loving, warm, and really captured not only the moment but the spirit of the event. She was sure to instill confidence in us and was excited with us and for us--which goes such a long way in bringing out the natural love and joy that my husband and I have for each other. She was excited for the wedding right along side us and he and I are a little shy, so that comfort allowed us to celebrate in the joy of each other rather than worry about the photograph--which clearly shows in our photos. I cannot glow about Lisa enough, from her pictures to her personality. She aims to capture moments filled with life and makes it look effortless. When I look back through our wedding pictures, I almost can't even believe the moments she was able to capture because she has the eye of an artist and a knack for capturing the life of a moment in time."

— M.B.
Skokie Event Client



“I have never been a fan of family portraits. Not to offend anyone, but the ones from my childhood appear overly posed and gimmicky. The day we were with Lisa, she took photos for me and my daughter. When I saw the images, they took my breath away. I don’t know how, but she managed to surface so many internal dynamics of our family in her photos: the way I feel when I hug my girl, the quiet excitement she has when showing someone something special she has found, the bond we have, how joyous and bittersweet it is to watch my daughter grow into an independent kid. It is all there. Lisa is an artist with a beautiful tone and point of view that threads through her work while also letting the uniqueness of her subjects shine through. I am grateful for the moment in our lives she documented, and I can’t recommend her enough.”

— A.A.
Chicago Family Client

“After our son was born, my husband and I were interested in finding someone to do a documentary style newborn shoot. We weren’t really interested in poses and props, but more so in finding someone who would be able to really capture the behind the scenes moments of bringing our baby home.  As soon as we discovered Lisa’s work, I just knew we needed to work with her. On top of the fact that we’re very partial to black and white images, my interest went beyond that. Every single image of hers showed true emotion. She was willing to work with our schedules, and was responsive and clear in our communications. Our decision to book her was only solidified by her warmness the day of our shoot. Despite never having met before, my husband and I felt immediately at ease in her presence. Lisa was able to provide just the right amount of direction to capture the ideal lighting or composition for the shot, while allowing the three of us to be in our element within the comfort of our home. We did a mixture of both inside and outside settings; Lisa was equally stellar in both. We received our stunning photos quickly, and were absolutely thrilled with how they turned out. 18 months later I can firmly say that the investment was well worth it. Without hesitation, we would recommend her to anyone looking for a photographer whose work is not only gorgeous, but heartfelt and real.”

— N.M.
Milford, CT Newborn Client



“Luckily, I found Lisa on a whim - I was looking for a wedding photographer to capture memories for my small, intimate upcoming wedding. Lisa perfectly documented moments throughout for our unique, yet perfect day. She managed to turn hot, windy conditions into award-winning photographs. I would recommend Lisa to ANY bride and hope she can continue to document milestones in my family’s lives.”

— M.L.
Buffalo Grove Family & Event Client

“I can’t recommend Lisa enough. She has done several shoots for my family and time & time again produces the most beautiful images. She’s amazing with children and I believe her artistic edge sets her above the rest. Lisa is incredibly talented, competitively priced and facilitates such a wonderful experience for the entire family!”

— E.S.
Ivanhoe Family Client



“Lisa is extraordinarily talented, always a professional and has the unique ability to make family photos a fun experience for kids. Our authentic family moments she has so beautifully captured over the years are some of my favorite memories and I’m so grateful I’ll be able to look back at the photos as a reminder for years to come. Thank you, Lisa!”

— M.H.
Hendersonville, TN Family Client

"Lisa is one of the best photographers I have had the pleasure of working with. She has a way of capturing emotion through her work in such a natural and non intrusive fashion. She has such an eye for the perfect shot and lighting as well. We will forever treasure our photos from Lisa, they are timeless."

— H.N.
Manhattan Family & Portrait Client



“Ron and I were looking for something different in a photographer for our wedding, We were not interested in posed family pictures or the typical wedding album. We choose Lisa Simon for the beautiful way she captures images and moments. The black and white photos bring the feeling of the wedding day front and center. She did such amazing work capturing picots of the children. The picture of my son playing a bugle on the diving board or my nieces dancing are priceless. If you are looking for someone who can capture a moment and a feeling; Lisa is for you.”

— J.L.
Clarendon Hills Event Client

“Lisa was an absolute joy to work with for my daughter’s senior pictures - she responded so quickly to all my questions (and I had a LOT!) and was extremely professional. After looking at 4 other photographers for my daughters’ session, I chose Lisa because she is a fellow Iowan and her work was beautiful. We have a family friend that is also a professional photographer, but she was on maternity leave when I wanted to have the pictures done and so she couldn’t do it. She also recommended Lisa to me - so I knew that I would be happy with the results. My daughter’s pictures were outstanding - she looked like a model! Very happy with the results - you won’t be disappointed!”

— J.P.
Bloomingdale Portrait Client



“I’ve been honored to have Lisa take photographs of my family these past few years. She doesn’t just take pretty pictures, it’s like she captures a piece of your soul. Her images really speak volumes. Not only does she have talent, she is also a really great person. So easy to work with. I highly recommend her!”

— K.G.
Spring Grove Family Client

"This was our family’s first venture into documentary photography. Lisa made us feel at ease and told us to go about our activities as if she wasn’t there. She was great with our young children; very patient and laid back (even with a very active and curious 5 year old!). Lisa had an extremely busy schedule, but spent a good amount of time with us and delivered our edited proofs very timely. We are quite impressed with the quality of Lisa’s work and highly recommend her. We look forward to working with Lisa again in the future!”

— T.J.
Hawthorn Woods Family Client



“Lisa’s pictures are breathtaking. She is a true artist. She was able to capture the joy and love our family shares with each click. Her attention to detail allows for pictures to come to life.”

— P.M.
Lake Villa Family Client

“I have used Lisa for several photo shoots. Her style truly captures the beauty of what is real and in the moment.”

— K.S.
Elmhurst Newborn & Portrait Client



“We worked with Lisa a few years ago, but hope to work with her again. The pictures came out with so much personality. We ended up using the ones of my youngest as her headshots for 3 years! People kept asking if my kids were models. The pictures turned out so well. Lisa was sweet, did everything we asked, and had great ideas for us. I highly recommend her!”

— J.R.
Gilbert, AZ Family & Portrait Client

“By capturing unique moments of our family, Lisa provided a variety of innovative photographs. Her use of shading, light and movement created fantastic individual and group shots of our four boys. Throughly the photo shoot, Lisa listened to our thoughts and requests, and then provided directions and made suggestions to accommodate us. Everyone felt at ease throughout the session. Our boys (ages eight to nineteen) remarked that they enjoyed the photo shoot and had fun. Our photographs are fantastic and eye catching. We especially cherish the individual photographs of our children because they capture their unique personality traits that defines them. Thank you, Lisa.”

— C.F.
Mundelein Family Client



"Lisa was wonderful to work with! This was the first time I ever had pictures taken of (just) myself. She took the time to make sure I felt at ease with the camera, while she worked on getting the perfect lighting. I look forward to working with her again.”

— C.H.
Cicero Portrait Client

"My husband and I had the pleasure of having Lisa as our wedding photographer! We absolutely loved her work and her passion for her craft. We've heard over and over again that "we have the most beautiful wedding pictures ever!" and I may be bias,, but I'd agree! Lisa spent the day with me and met with Troy and I for our first look - capturing the most beautiful moments I could ever ask for! Before the wedding with our family, and at the reception, Lisa snapped pictures of the day as it happened and not as a posed event. I have every memory I could ask for! Of course we took the family portraits and the wedding party pictures, which are beautiful, but some of my favorites are pictures where I didn't know Lisa was there! I've always said... one day when I get married, I care about 3 things... a DJ so everyone has fun, the food so everyone is well fed, and the photographer so my day is captured perfectly and my heart is always reminded how it full it was that day! Lisa was the perfect choice for us and did an amazing job! Thank you Lisa!"

— K.T.
Chicago Event Client



“We invited Lisa into our home for a shoot and after seeing the results, I will be asking Lisa to come back again! She has captured the spirit of our family beautifully and whilst being incredibly easy to speak with, has produced stunning shots. We have finally found someone that we can trust to document our lives for many years to come. Thank you, Lisa.”

— F.P.
Lake Bluff Family Client

“Lisa was absolutely fabulous to work with! She helped me narrow down wardrobe choice and and styled the portraits beautifully! I would recommend Lisa to anyone who’s looking to have their portraits done!”

— E.Y.
Palatine Portrait Client



“Lisa did a photography session for my family of four, and she was a pleasure to work with. She was obviously comfortable working with my two young sons, which I much appreciated. She was very flexible with scheduling, both time/date and location. We did an outdoor shoot and she offered helpful ideas for location. She is a talented professional who not only takes beautiful photos, but captures precious moments. Our photos exceeded our expectations, and I feel blessed to have these wonderful moments with my family displayed in my home. We would definitely ask Lisa to capture memories of our family again!”

— J.S.
Gurnee Family Client

“Lisa has an eye unlike others that I have seen. She goes further than the usual staged family photographs you typically see. She’s able to turn typical family interactions into works of art. I can’t tell you the number of compliments I’ve received on the pictures she’s taken of our children (which I proudly have posted at work). I wouldn’t hesitate to have Lisa come into our home and capture future family moments.”

— N.M.
Spring Grove Family & Portrait Client



"My daughter wanted senior pictures that were different and unique. Lisa delivered! She has an incredible eye for creating brilliantly, natural images that are playful yet sophisticated. As we were wrapping up our session, Lisa noticed the sun setting and gleaming beautifully through some trees so she got everything set back up to snap a few more. They were stunning. She's a true artist. Her pictures not only captured the charm in my daughter's smile, but also the beauty of her soul. We have a collection of photographs that we'll treasure forever." 

— K.J.
Grayslake Portrait Client