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Lisa is one of the best photographers I have had the pleasure of working with. She has a way of capturing emotion through her work in such a natural and non intrusive fashion.
— Holly, family and portrait client

Meet your narrator.

Welcome! I'm Lisa and I have a passion for creating art through storytelling.

Originally from Iowa, Chicago became my home over a decade ago. My college sweetheart has now been my husband of 14 years, and we've been blessed with two children who are my ever thankful reminders that each day truly is a gift.

I've always been drawn to documentary photography. Unscripted emotions, feelings, and humor that are genuine. Nothing requested, forced, or awkward. The idea of poses and direction is figuratively tossed out the window to create something so pure and honest that you'll be overwhelmed with a sense of sentimentality and gratitude when looking back at what once was. A true account of your unique family's dynamics. Routines, activities, and traditions, as well as major events that were planned for months in advance. Let's focus on what matters the most... your relationships. My priority is to capture real and authentic moments that will speak to my clients' memories and their hearts. This is what drives me. 

As much as we wish we could freeze time, it's just not possible. Time stands still for no one. The years gain momentum and there is change beyond anything we could ever imagine. As I've gotten older, I'm often reminded that life is delicate, but it is also worth celebrating, regardless of the occasion. That being said, no matter how much we try to acknowledge and hold on to every positive memory, many will eventually slip away. We have limited capacity to retain those experiences, while trying to make room for the new ones. That is when we need the power of photography to assist us. They can feel insignificant at the time, but I'm hear to tell you that even the most mundane days have their glory and are worth remembering.

Partner with me by releasing the false idea of perfection and give yourself the grace to just be as you are. Let's preserve your biography together.

~ L

  portrait by my dear friend, lisa kathan photography

portrait by my dear friend, lisa kathan photography


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